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Carpet Beetle Control In Gurgaon

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Generally it is seen that Carpet beetles happen to roam outdoors but sometimes they enter into building. They may get in through improperly covered or improperly screened windows and doors. There are a number of species of carpeting beetle present in this world, including the actual two-spot carpet beetle (Atta genus pellio), the furniture carpeting beetle (Anthrenus flaviceps) and also the varied carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci).

Kinds of Carpet Beetle
You will find two basic categories of Carpet Beetles: the one is Black Carpet Beetles or Varied, and the other one is Common or Furniture Carpet Beetles.

The adult Dark Carpet Beetle is actually black in color and oblong shaped and also the size varies from 1/8" as much as 3/16" in range. Three other though are of exactly the same size, will have a number of different wing color patterns and therefore are more oval fit.

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Control & Avoidance Tips for Carpet Beetle control Gurgaon
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs regularly.
  • If possible have it dry cleaned twice per month.
  • Keep pets from carpets.
  • Consult the pest control in Gurgaon service.